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Digital Transformation

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D G ownhole amification till, much of the focus for the digital twin is in the applications which contain the detailed dataset,” says Løvoll. production and maintenance phase, from helping “Also, locating data tagged in the 3D model will allow the user make the most out of subsea wells through to better to navigate through data landscape, rather than selecting fles

S pipeline monitoring. and folders systems with the same data.”

Neptune Energy, for example, recently said it is applying a data “We have already linked up real-time data sets from the rig visualization platform based on 3D gaming technology to his- site and streamed real-time and true updates of ongoing well torical and live data from its subsea wells in Norway to enhance paths and compared with planned well paths in the digital twin. drilling and production effciency and reduce time and costs. The future version of the GeologiQ digital twin can be very

These “digital twins” were developed in collaboration with similar to gaming, where the user can navigate through differ-

InformatiQ, an oil and gas data visualization frm that com- ent levels and solve tasks in the digital twin to enrich the well bines infrastructure, wells and geology data to create detailed delivery database leading up to a fnal well program, design and cloud-based 3D models. execution plan. Well Engineering can become addictive!”

Neptune Energy’s Director of Drilling & Wells for Norway, Like most digital/data tasks, a key challenge was defning

Thor Andre Løvoll, says: “By digitalizing all subsea wells within the unique data identifers that could be linked to the rest of our Norwegian portfolio we have greatly improved our ability to the dataset, as well as checking the quality of the data, which plan interventions, monitor drilling and production operations is aided by the loading and visualisation process, as misplaced in real-time and gain better understanding of the wells’ history.” x.y.z. or time data can easily be spotted if they appear in the

He says that the gaming approach differentiates the system wrong place, says Løvoll. from other heavy data visualization tools because the data is However, having started with just its subsea wells, “a lim- only visualized with x.y.z surfaces and locations, so it does ited and controllable dataset,” they can now relatively easily not need supercomputers and heavy mathematical calcula- import global well data into the model, from its own wells to tions running to handle the task. “Where the user needs to any offcial well data set, such as Norwegian Petroleum Direc- dive into the details, he can simply zoom in or move into torate data, that’s freely available.

Data visualization in

GeologiQ helps Neptune

Energy to enhance drilling and production efficiency.

Thor Andre Løvoll,

Neptune Director of Drilling & Wells in Norway


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