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Digital Transformation

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FEATURE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION t’s an area ripe for innovation. According to Norwegian improve the quality of engineering outcomes, says Tom digital company FutureOn’s Customer Success Manager Widerøe, Lundin’s chief engineer subsea, who was also a

Gregor Deans, digitalization can reduce up to 70% of the speaker at UTC. engineering hours in feld development. Much of that is He says that effciency has largely been gained by separat-

I in lead time reduction in the planning and design phases, ing data from applications, so that there’s a “single source of with a potential for 30-80% reduction, Deans told the Un- truth” for data, and then applying web-based APIs within the derwater Technology Conference (UTC), held in Bergen and FieldTwin environment to run any workfows required. online earlier this year. For early-phase design, where Lundin has a case book to

But it’s not just about time to frst oil. Dubai-based engi- look at different design cases, which can be anywhere from neering and fabrication frm Lamprell and Swiss engineering 10-20 to several hundred, this has helped ensure they’re all simulation company Akselos have shown that the amount of kept up to date when any inputs change, such as oil price and material needed for an offshore wind jacket foundation can be production profles. reduced by 30%, using digital twin technology. Lamprell has “Until recently, this has been a very manual process, with been using the same technology to reduce weight in oil and little time for iterations,” he told UTC. “Similar data is re- gas foundations by 10%. siding within different applications and different companies.

FutureOn was spun out of visualization technology frm Time and costs associated with maintaining and updating

Xvision in 2014. Its FieldTwin Design product, offered as this data are signifcant. However, new tools and new work- software as a service (SAAS), is a platform that brings together ing methodologies are now disruptively changing the way we a wide range of data sets, from bathymetry to reservoir data work with feld developments.” and well trajectories to pipeline data, into an environment Looking back to 2018, a case would be developed based on that engineering teams can use. data from the reservoir and drilling departments, a whiteboard

Lundin Energy has been using the service on early phase drawing of a feld layout would be created, then there would subsea engineering work to “quadruple effciency” and be a process to see if there’s anything that could be done to

FutureOn’s FieldTwin Design creates a visualization environment from which simulations and workflows can be run.


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