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Digital Transformation

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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 3D MODELS and fabrication. This is our vision of a digital yard. If we do not Nordal, project director, Johan Sverdrup P2 Topside, Equi- go in the digital direction, then we risk losing future projects by nor. “Tekla is one of the initiatives that increased quality and not being competitive enough. Fabrication-ready 3D models reduced drawing production time for P2 and will provide a are a very effcient way of working. In addition to effciency positive impact for future projects.” gains, the improved robotics have made our yards safer, as there Less than a year after the Platform II contract was awarded, is less need for employees to lift and cut heavy materials.” the frst construction activities began at Aibel’s yard in Laem

Chabang and also at its subcontractor Deeline in Rayong,

Thailand. Two years later, the module was completed and

Getting Buy-In Across the Company

To ensure employees at all levels of the organization were comprised four decks with a perimeter equivalent to a foot- behind its adoption of 3D modeling and new collaboration ball feld and a total weight of approximately 14,500 tons. process, Aibel used a pilot-project approach and enlisted the Overall, this makes it the largest platform module ever built on Thai soil – beating the previous record held by the Johan help of key internal infuencers.

Sverdrup Drilling Platform Main Support Frame, which was “This has been a giant leap for us that demanded trust, com- also built by Aibel Thailand.

mitment, and hard work from people across Aibel’s operations,”

This giant module will be transported to Aibel’s yard in said Halaas. “The result is that we are now more seamless in dis- tributing and sharing work around the world, as Tekla Model Haugesund, Norway, by the vessel GPO Sapphire. Arriving in

Norway, it will be connected with the two remaining modules,

Sharing makes collaboration much easier. We can now appoint

UPM and HVDC, creating one platform for the Johan Sverdrup anyone anywhere in the world to create drawings for us.” oil feld. This spectacular lifting operation will be performed by

Aibel typically does design work in Norway and then ex- tracts the drawings for fabrication in Thailand and Singapore. the world’s largest crane vessel, Sleipnir. The complete platform is scheduled for fnal delivery to client Equinor in early 2022.

“This global way-of-working has been much more challenging in previous projects, when we were not able to share 3D mod- els in the cloud,” said Halaas. “In the past, we had to freeze the work more often. Now we can work much more fexibly.”

Breaking Barriers with Data-Rich

Models and Global Collaboration

Constructible 3D models and collaboration will continue to play a very important role in Aibel’s future.

The P2 project exceeded its digitalization ambitions to re- duce interfaces, automate drawing production and increase effciency and robustness for the project execution,” said Ståle

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