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LEADING OFF DECARBONIZATION renewables or by connecting to the grid where the grid mix is determine the scale of emissions reduction.

cleaner than the alternative fuel supply. • Greenfeld projects can be designed with electrifcation

Norway is in an enviable position, with its power mix being in mind. Retroftting onstream projects is possible, predominantly hydroelectric power (90%+) – a renewable ener- but often more challenging. Not all installations can gy source without any corresponding intermittency issues. This, be electrifed. Of those that can, some may only be combined with the highest carbon taxes for E&Ps globally, has able to handle partial electrifcation over full.

helped advance decarbonization efforts. By 2023, over half of • Space and weight restrictions can limit options

Norway’s production will be either fully or partially electrifed. offshor e. Electric motors can have a greater footprint

Wood Mackenzie estimates that once the Utsira High electrif- and w eight than the existing drive mechanisms.

cation project is brought online next year, Edvard Grieg offshore • Field maturity can exclude many projects. The feld’s carbon intensity will be sub 2 tCO2e/kboe. This com- capital outlay required makes electrifcation of most pares to a global average of 24 tCO2e/kboe for offshore projects. late-life assets uneconomic.

Alongside lower emissions, electrifcation can offer reduced • In some jurisdictions, the required regulation is not maintenance, lower fuel requirements, greater uptime, and y et in place to support upstream electrifcation.

ultimately, free up more molecules for sale. But challenges

Flare reduction do remain: • Dependent on the source of renewable power, Gas capture projects offer an option for the large-scale farers intermittency issues may require backup generation, to limit emissions. Such projects can offer economic, as well as and if hooking up to the grid, the power mix will environmental, benefts. However, there are barriers to entry: 10 OFFSHORE ENGINEER OEDIGITAL.COM

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