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Su-Nav Rolls our Clean

Water Tech to Fleet

Su-Nav, an integrated ship management com- pany, has rolled out the latest sustainable, green product from its Su-Nav Aeronero Innovation

Center which will provide thousands of seafar- ers with pure drinking water, free from harm- ful bacteria and eliminating the use of plastic bottles.

The machine, which has been installed on three vessels, is especially designed for ma- rine applications by considering the adverse conditions, internal operations in the vessel & Dyna? ow inability for servicing/maintaining. It can gener-

Non-Abrasive Prop Cleaning ate 150 to 1000 litres of pure drinking water per day. Since it uses the humidity to produce water,

Dyna? ow developed a second generation Dynajets non-abrasive the marine environment provides optimum con-

Diver Tool (NADT) that is small, lightweight, quiet and ef? cient. ditions for its use. The stainless-steel body also

The NADT uses advanced resonating and cavitating jet nozzles in ensures longevity for use at sea.

a rotating head housed in a shroud that protects the surface being “The seafarers are forced to consume water cleaned and reduces the noise. The NADT was shown to remove from tanks or plastic bottles received from propeller fouling including calcareous growth and hard and soft different countries which results in various biofouling with no damage to the underlying propeller metal.

potentially harmful microbes in the gut. There

The NADT reduces the propeller cleaning time by half relative to is also the possibility of water contamination abrasive brushes, which cannot be used on the edges, and does not from fresh water being loaded into our tanks,” damage the blade surfaces including edges and ? llets. Field demon- said Sachit Sahoonja, CEO of Su-Nav. “The use strations have con? rmed the removal of soft and hard biofouling, in- of plastic is extremely harmful to the environ- cluding barnacle basal plates, and calcareous growth with no damage ment, so our Innovation Centerhas produced to the propeller surfaces. The bene? ts to the diver are a zero-thrust a machine that is plastic free, sustainable and counter thruster so the diver is not pushed away from the blade, produces unlimited clean drinking water.” lower ambient noise than other water jet cleaning tools, light-weight, neutral buoyancy, small tool head for access to tight areas such as hubs and ? llets.


SHIPMOOR: New Mooring Tool

SHIPMOOR, a new ship mooring tool designed to perform static and dynamic ship mooring analyses in a rapid, user friendly and intuitive manner, has been launched by HR Wallingford and Witherbys. Created to make the assessment of mooring an LNG carrier a straightforward and user driven process, SHIPMOOR provides ransparency and accurate data alongside a 3D visualization of any arrangement. Developed with security at its heart, SHIPMOOR runs within an internet browser and meets the IMO’s newly introduced cyberse- curity requirements.

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