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SHIP DESIGN CLASSIFICATION also created opportunities, particularly in the digital and remote work world. How has it, and how will it continue to impact class and the delivery of your services?

One of the biggest things is remote surveys. Of the approxi- mate 30,000 surveys that we do in a year, about a third of those are done remotely via video feeds and remote inspec- tions. This is where we’re leveraging that technology to get the job done and to make it much more ef? cient.

You’re going to see more and more digital data coming in from various engine OEMs and process equipment OEMs, digital data that’s aggregated in a core platform that your class society will be able to use in the course of inspections and risk management.

As you settle into your new position, what are your priorities for the coming 12 to 24 months?

Immediate service to our clients to deal with (various rules and regulations coming in), from EEXI to the Poseidon Prin- ciples and Sea Cargo Charter. Owners, charters and banks need to understand managing that risk going forward so that they’re not holding stranded assets, assets that can’t perform

Watch the interview @ under the new regimes. Second is the cruise industry. Getting watch?v=G4mvhuiSecI our cruise clients up running safely is a key priority for us, and LR has the resources to help the cruise industry with their

Photo courtesy LR health and safety plans.

Recently LR announced the divestment of its business as- there? And now I can hold individuals or entire organizations surance and inspection services division. The idea is we really want to focus on what are our core ocean economy clients accountable.

need. Where there may be overlap, we will still work together

I think these are the places where shipowners are really look- ing to use digital. Charters are looking for this. Banks even seamlessly with business assurance, but what this means for

Lloyd’s, and what it means for our clients, is we will be invest- want to understand now – with the Poseidon Principles – what’s ing and reinvesting back into our operations, building those going on … how do we verify, how do we contribute? So, this is capabilities to do all those things I talked about, delivering where I think digital is going to play out for this industry.

bread-and-butter services well, helping customers with digital platforms as well as risk management going into the future.

While COVID-19 has created many challenges, it has 35

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