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Simulation (MPS) & Decarbonization

Walk Hand-in-Hand

Chris Wiernicki, CEO, ABS, discusses the evolution of multi-physics simulation and its importance in reaching decarbonization goals through 2050.

By Greg Trauthwein s the pace of technological evolution rapidly carbonization mandates, and that one such radical advance is quickens, shipowners are increasingly forced Multi-Physics Simulation (MPS) and its potential to help un- to embrace change to ensure their ? eets stay lock the next generation of vessels and technologies.

in compliance with new regulations and stave

Aoff obsolescence. What is Multi-Physics Simulation (MPS)?

Going forward, ef? cient, cost-effective delivery of goods To start, it’s important to understand that MPS and “digital from ‘point A to point B’ must be done in a more environ- twins” are not the same thing, as MPS is a technique that inte- mentally benign manner, as shipowners and marine technol- grates multiple engineering strands with 3D tools to turn a de- ogy companies are staring down the barrel of the global de- sign into an active digital model that mirrors physical reality carbonization drive with strict new emissions limits coming … the ability to model various systems and understand their into force by 2050, limits that today are unattainable with inoperability. “Simulation actually comes before a digital current technology. twin: digital twin connects itself with reality through Y-data, “I believe we’re going to see more innovation in the next 10 whereas simulation is a representation of reality,” Wiernicki years than we saw it in the last century,” said Chris Wiernicki, said. What’s important for simulation is that veri? cation and

CEO, ABS, in a recent interview with Maritime Reporter validation piece going forward.

TV. While the digitalization and decarbonization trends are “When you take a simulation and you combine it with an certainly nothing new, Wiernicki sees the last 18 months of engine fuel consumption simulation, and then you combine

COVID-19 – particularly in regards to digitalization – as a that, let’s say, a power limitation simulation and a weather catalyst to fast-track development further and faster. planning and seakeeping model, it becomes a multi-physics

Wiernicki reckons that the maritime industry needs “radi- model,” Wiernicki said. The multi-physics model allows the cal advances” in technology to cope with the demands of de- designer to understand how each of the variable impact the 26 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • September 2021

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