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Avondale Boat Division

To Build 3,900-HP Tug

For U.S. Owner

Avondale Industries, Inc., New

Orleans, La., was recently awarded a contract by E.N. Bisso & Son, Inc., to design and construct a new 3,900- hp versatile tug which will be capa- ble of river and harbor work, as well as full ocean service.

The tug will be constructed pri- marily for handling and docking ships in river traffic while retaining the ability to work offshore. Initial detailed engineering and construc- tion of the vessel will begin immedi- ately at Avondale's Boat Division,

Westwego, La., facility.

According to Barry Heaps,

Boat Division vice president, the tug will be 110 feet long and designed for unlimited ocean towing and for harbor ship docking. She will be powered by two EMD 16-645 E6 diesel engines for a total of 3,900 horsepower. The tug will have quar- ters for 10 and large galley and mess facilities. The vessel will be certified by the U.S. Coast Guard and classed

Al, unlimited ocean service towing vessel by the American Bureau of


Delivery of tug is scheduled for the latter part of 1991. Work on this contract will provide additional em- ployment at Avondale for approxi- mately 50 people through 1991.

E.N. Bisso & Son, Inc., has been established in the Port of New Or- leans since 1880 and offers many marine services including towing, heavy lift and marine contracting.

Avondale Industries, Inc., head- quartered in metro New Orleans, is one of the nation's leading marine fabricators, with shipbuilding, boat construction and repair operations for the commercial and Navy sec- tors.

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China's Principal Ports

Show 26 Percent Increase

In Container Cargo

Officials said recently that Chi- na's principal ports handled the equivalent of 1.5 million 20-foot containers (TEUs) last year, the most since it began box container services.

This is nearly 26 percent higher than the ports handled in 1989, according to the Ministry of Com- munications.

Though the precise figure of over- all capacity is not known, the minis- try said there are 74,000 container berths. China constantly upgrades ports and adds container facilities.

In the last decade, 20 container berths were added, with aggregate capacity of 1.3 million TEUs. Along with expansion of intermodal and interior land transport, more are scheduled for the five-year plan that recently began.

Pre-Swaging Tool

Makes Tube Fitting

Installation Easier

A tool for pre-swaging Swagelok tube fitting ferrules prior to actual fitting pull up is available from

Swagelok Co., Solon, Ohio.

The pre-swaging tool is especially useful with closely spaced connec- tions, difficult-to-reach installa- tions, and other applications where wrenches are difficult to use.

According to the company, pre- swaging ferrules with the pre-swag- ing tool is quick and easy. The installer inserts the tubing through the nut and ferrules and bottoms the tubing in the pre-swaging tool.

The nut is tightened 1-1/4 turns (3/ 4 turn for 1/16-inch, 11/8-inch and 3/16-inch size tube fittings), the nut is loosened, and the tubing with the pre-swaged ferrules is removed from the pre-swaging tool. The installer completes the assembly by following the normal Swagelok tube fittings retightening instructions.

The pre-swaging tool is made of heat-treated tool steel and is avail- able for Swagelok tube fitting sizes 1/6-inch through 1/2-inch.

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