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ELIZABETH, N.J.: 5,000 sq. ft. adjacent Elizabethport, new building, a/c; ample private lot; please call (201) 527-0099

Floating Revolving Crane 35+ Ton American Electric Whirley Crane

Mounted on 145' X 50' X 11' Steel Barge,

Steel Deck House, Electric Capstans, GM Diesel

Generator, Air Compressor, Welding Machine,

Lights, With Shoreline Power Capability, Recently

Renovated and may be seen in Operation.

For Sale or Lease

Call George Frentz

Industrial Supply Co.

New Orleans, La. 70186 504-944-3371 P.O. Box 26087





HYDRAULICS CO., INC. 201 Harrison St. • Hoboken, N.J. 07030 (201) 792-0500 (212) 267-0328 2030 E. Adams St.* Jacksonville, FL 32202 (904) 354-0840

TWX 710-730-5224 CMH Hoboken, NJ

WINCHES—Steam or Air Operated

Stock less Anchors 3,000 lbs. through 27,500 lbs in stock,

FOB Jersey City

Large inventory of surplus chain and fittings

Supply of new chain, including ten shots of 2 5 16" and twenty shots of 2 5/8" 9 x 12 American Hoist & Derrick Winches, reconditioned equal to new

Spare parts for all steam winches


Agents for The Crosby Group 191 Van Vorst St., Jersey City, N.J. 07032 201/433-6974





A patented encapsulation system provides an alternative to expensive pile replacement and costly down- time caused by marine borer damage to timber and corrosion to steel piling. Call for complete literature.

TOLL FREE 1-800-241-0240

I Pile-Card |



Nelson Industries, Inc. of Stoughton, Wis., is offering free new literature on the Bilge Boy™, a 150-gph (568 liter) oily water separator that the company is introducing. The unit carries U.S.

Coast Guard approval and is IMO-approved as well.

The compact Bilge Boy measures 27 inches tall by 17.5 inches wide by 36 inches long, and weighs only 150 pounds (dry). Measurements include plumbing connections and mounting skid. Installation is very simple, requiring only three standard plumbing connections and one electrical. The unit is supplied complete with control panel and 50 C motors. A monitor is not supplied, but is compatible with all models now on the market. Electrical requirements are 120 volt AC, 8 amps maximum.

In USCG tests, the Bilge Boy proved extreme- ly efficient in removing oil, having a maximum effluent of 1.5 ppm, which is well below the 15 ppm needed for approval. The design is two- stage, using a unique gravity stage (patent pend- ing), followed by a coalescent cartridge for the final stage.

When installed according to Nelson's instruc- tion, the gravity stage removes 99.9 percent (1,000 ppm) of all oil from the bilge water. This gives extremely long element life as very little oil reaches the cartridge to foul the element.

This model also offers the most economical price on the market as a result of the efficiency of the gravity separation stage and suction side only application. The unit is now being sold with

NICOLAI JOFFE CORPORATION 9171 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210 (213) 272-2055 Telex 67-4638

February 15, 1985


Consumables, etc.

LEN ANDERSEN 800-323-2446 the promise that the operator does not pay for it until it works to his satisfaction.

The first test unit has been in service onboard the Alliance Prince since March of 1984 without problems.

The Bilge Boy is compatible with Ameroid

OWS and Nalso 2865 cleaners. Based on lab tests similar to the USCG test, there is minimal loss of efficiency when using these cleaners.

This unit complements the previously ap- proved 600-gph regenerative model. A higher capacity two-stage gravity and coalescent model will be available late in 1985. The entire product line will be marketed through Nelson Winslow

Marine Distributors.

For copies of the literature from Nelson


Circle 16 on Reader Service Card

Bulker vSanko Amaryllis'

Delivered By Hitachi Zosen

The 37,705-dwt bulk carrier Sanko Amaryllis was completed recently at Hitachi Zosen's Hiro- shima Works and delivered to Persus Shipping

Company of Japan.

Built to dual classification by the American

Bureau of Shipping and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, the handy-size bulker has an overall length of 580.7 feet, beam of 93.2 feet, depth of 50.7 feet, and full-load draft of 35.8 feet. The main engine is a fuel-efficient Hitachi/B&W 6L60MCE die- sel with a maximum continuous output of 8,600 bhp at 98 rpm. Maximum trial speed was 16.767 knots.

Four 25-ton deck cranes and wide openings for the ship's five hatches facilitate cargo han- dling.

Metallizing Co. Of America

Introduces MOGUL HK-400 Gun —Literature Available

Metallizing Co. of America, Inc., Sullivan, 111., has introduced an all-new metallizing gun, the

MOGUL Enclosed Arc Spray Gun Model HK- 400. Lightweight and highly maneuverable, the new gun is said to enable the user to do many more metallizing repairs in less time than with older, obsolete guns.

The MOGUL HK-400 features lightweight- flexible cables resulting in easier handling. Ab- solute precise front wire guide alignment is assured because of preset design, and the result- ing streamlined air flow guarantees concen- trated spray patterns.

The new gun weighs less than four pounds (1.8 kg), and the Metallizing Company of America states that on-site spraying for corrosion protec- tion is easier than ever with the extra-light, effi- cient, highly advanced MOGUL HK-400. For steel and stainless steel, 14-ga.-diameter wire is recommended; ll-ga.-diameter is possible if wire is soft drawn.

For more information on the MOGUL HK- 400 metallizing gun,

Circfe 15 on Reader Service Card 51

Nelson Industries Introduces xBilge Boy' Oily Water Separator —Literature Available

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