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Many people ask me whether we will see a revolu- tion and I say, ‘No, I don’t think there will be a revo- lution – there will be a transformation, a gradual transformation.’ And it’s really to do with the current market situation. Basically, there are enough ves- sels on the water today, so ordering will be limited for – it’s diffcult to say – but at least for the next three to four years. So there will be sort of a gradu- al infux of the more advanced vessels.” – Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen,

CEO of DNV GL Maritime booking,” explains Ørbeck-Nilssen.


As he returns solely to his day job at DNV GL in late June, The new initiative is emblematic of what DNV GL is try-

Ørbeck-Nilssen will oversee more than a few exciting changes ing to become. Sure, the Smart booking Tool will reduce the in his shop. For example, his classifcation society is this year physical footprint needed to get the job done, but it also pro- putting in place what he calls a ‘Smart Survey Booking tool’ vides the same or better coverage. Having capable surveyors for customers. Traditionally, class has supported customers in the right ports also reduces travel expenditures and ulti- by having surveyors in different ports around the world. In a mately entails a much more effcient way of doing business. nutshell, it can eliminate multiple visits to a vessel in a given Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen fnishes up the conversation as he also year, with better understanding of multiple survey items, most nears the fnish line at IACS by declaring, “I said we had to of which can be taken care of in just one or two inspections. challenge the status quo, and we really had to look at new “By doing that, we reduce the number of times we visit you and smarter ways of delivering service. And it’s not about on board, we make your operations more effective, and we saving money, it’s about being more effcient and delivering also help you to choose the best ports for your operation to a better service, and I think that has always been the target carry out the surveys. And that, I think, is really a smart survey of DNV GL.” 35


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