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Dredging & Marine Construction

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of skilled workers, which has been ex- acerbated by recent rebuilding efforts after like Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Given the specialized work performed by marine contrac- tors, the strain of the talent shortage is even greater. This is a top risk man- agement concern. A shrinking work- force translates to severe gaps in expe- rience. Inexperience poses signi? cant risk, especially in the challenging ma- rine work environment.



Given the hazardous working con- ditions and the unique equipment, insurance protection is essential. It must directly address the diverse, day- to-day exposures marine contractors face. Contractors’ insurance is often consists of such coverages as: • Marine General Liability includes coverage for products and operations liability for work performed from watercraft.

• Marine Contractors’ Liability provides coverage for property damage to marine structures.

• Commercial Hull and Protection & Indemnity (P&I) protect vessel owners against physical damage to the ship and legal liability.

• Bumbershoot (umbrella) provides excess liability coverage for companies with major marine exposures. Such policies cover both non-marine and maritime liability exposures—that is, protection and indemnity, general average, collision, general liability hazards, among others.

• Builder’s Risk and Installations includes materials, labor and reasonable overhead and pro

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